ScopeStack is your Cisco services automation platform.

With ScopeStack you can scope your Cisco professional services more consistently and in less time.


We know what it’s like to work at a Cisco reseller. You get to work with some of the most leading edge hardware and software, you get to work with some of the best at Cisco, yet there is something no one likes to talk about.


It’s the scoping process. And it’s broken.

Before ScopeStack

You have a Cisco quote ready to deliver to your client. But it takes two weeks to deliver the statement of work!

After ScopeStack

Your Cisco account team is so impressed with you because you got the statement of work to the client the same day!

ScopeStack has the right features to enable you to:

Make sure you are scoping the right services

Turn a scope around faster

Workflow automation

Attach the right Cisco products to the right Services

Improve your scoping accuracy

Some of the largest Cisco resellers use ScopeStack to enhance their scoping process.


The ScopeStack team understood what we were looking for and had experience with facing similar challenges.

Ryan Hicks CTO – Flagler