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Dynamic SOW Generation

  • Inclusion of approved configuration and pricing
  • Incorporation of standard language including terms and conditions
  • Professional, consistent look and feel across opportunities

Work breakdown structure

  • Export to Excel
  • Broken down by phase or line of business/practice
  • Includes all tasks and subtasks

Pricing Analysis

  • Breakdown of resource level, price, cost, and margin
  • Sort by phase or line of business/practice
  • Visibility into overhead items and travel expenses


  • Create configuration in minutes [?]
  • Leverage standard pre-approved tasks[?]
  • Customize for customer-specific requirements


  • Standard pricing rate tables
  • Variable pricing based on thresholds[?]
  • Pricing adjustments for unique customer opportunities


  • Opportunity approval workflow
  • Dynamic statement of work generation
  • CRM and PSA integration[?]

Project approval

  • Technical Approval: Make sure the project is technically sound
  • Sales Approval: Make sure you are priced competitively
  • Business Approval: Make sure the project aligns with the financial goals of the business.

Version Management

  • Track all versions of a project
  • Track changes between various versions of the same project
  • Audit History of changes

Task Approval

  • Internally Sourced Task Language and Level of Effort
  • Standards are created and approved for the organization to use
  • Drive consistency per task and level of effort


  • Sync client information from CRM opportunity to project scope
  • Stop simple mistakes like misspelling the client’s name
  • Push scoped services revenue back to CRM


  • Drive consistency syncing work breakdown to PSA
  • Deliver more profitable projects with PSA integration
  • Save PMO time by automatically creating tasks in PSA

SSO Support

  • Integrate with leading identity providers
  • Automate user creation
  • Drive compliance


  • Identify where engineers are spending their time
  • Understand which clients are requesting more services
  • Measure engineer activity


  • Better predict services pipeline
  • Track average margin per project
  • Ensure project profitability is aligned with business goals


  • Gain visibility into how long projects are taking to get approved
  • Visually track services pipeline activity over a period of time
  • Determine if the projects you are scoping are actually closing

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