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Are you looking to increase services revenue? Join ScopeStack CEO Jon Scott as he talks to IT industry leaders to get their insights. These experts from the top MSPs and VARs will share their actionable tips and tactics to help you optimize your presales process.

Recent Episodes

The Art of Scoping Accurately with James Davis

The Art of Scoping Accurately with James Davis

James Davis is the Director of Academy at Pax8, a global leader in cloud solutions. He joins Jon from Down Under to talk about arguably the most critical business function of any MSP or VAR (and something Jon knows quite well): scoping. They dive into all the inefficiencies of improper scoping and really quick fixes. They also share a few examples of just how significant an inefficient scoping process can be. Tune in to rethink the way you scope!

Recast: How to Price Your Services with Dennis Manfra

Recast: How to Price Your Services with Dennis Manfra

Dennis Manfra is the VP of Technical Services at IE, and he’s joining Jon to talk pricing. We know, it’s not the sexiest topic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly important. Dennis and Jon talk through two approaches to pricing: T&M and Fixed pricing. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but they also send a message to your client and your team. Learn more about these approaches and when each one is best to use!

Building a Presales Team, Measuring Success with Steven Madick

Steven Madick knows a thing or two about the presales process. He’s been in this world for years, building and managing wildly success teams for a number of service providers. He talks with Jon about what makes managing presales teams so difficult, and how you can overcome those obstacles. Terms like awareness and understanding are great to say, but how can you actually execute them? And can you turn your vision into action? Dive into this episode to find the answers!

The importance of organizational buy-in during MSP go-to-market with MJ Patent from Alveo

MJ Patent is the CEO and co-founder of Alveo, a go-to-market services company specializing in the IT channel. They’ve worked with tons of IT companies, leading them on a journey to scalability and sustainability. She and Jon talk about the importance of organizational collaboration and buy-in, especially during the launch days. They also walk through several hypothetical scenarios to shed some light on how to break down the walls within a company’s silos to get on the path to long-term financial health. Trust us—you don’t want to miss this one!

Recast: What’s Wrong With Your Presales Process with Brook Lee from Eureka Process

Efficient and thoughtful processes are critical to the success of any MSP. No one knows those processes better than Brook Lee of Eureka Process, who leads MSPs to financial success by flipping them inside out and ironing out their internal structures. She tells Jon the most common mistakes she sees MSPs make in the marketplace. Surprise—the biggest goofs happen during the scoping process. Tune in to hear why.

Episode 20: Master Your Craft: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of 3rd Parties with Jacob Martin

What’s the best service to offer a client? Jon Scott and Jacob Martin, COO of Unified Network Group Inc., sit down to discuss the importance of mastering a service. Businesses can’t possibly master every aspect of their service, but leveraging third parties who have mastered a particular service can make your offerings more valuable. To stop overextending yourself, hear how Jacob mastered the art of sourcing third-party businesses for clients.

Episode 19: People First, Business Second with Greg Weiner

Efficiency is key when it comes to IT problems and solutions, so it’s important to go to the source of productivity—the people. Jon and Greg are for the people, i.e. their employees, on this episode of In Scope as they dive into creating the most ideal virtual office for their staff. Listen for insights and tips on how to create a better workplace environment.

Episode 18: There’s Not One Right Answer with Brandon Myers

Looking to streamline your processes? Join Jon and Brandon as they discuss how to use presales tools to increase efficiency. Measuring the success of a presales tool is more than just data points, as Brandon says, “some tools are just better than others.” In this episode of In Scope, learn how two CEOs assess the skills of their employees to make a better, more efficient business environment.

Episode 17: How to be a Winner in the Industry with Shaler Houser

Shay and Jon walk through growth within a business—from the moment the epiphany hits, to how to get ahead of the curve. Different practices work for different businesses, but understanding the marketplace and competitors will set a business up for success. Start thinking about long-term progress and listen to the latest episode of In Scope and gain some leverage!

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