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Are you looking to increase services revenue? Join ScopeStack CEO Jon Scott as he talks to IT industry leaders to get their insights. These experts from the top MSPs and VARs will share their actionable tips and tactics to help you optimize your presales process.

Recent Episodes

Episode 16: The Question You Should Be Asking: How Do I Get the Most Value?

Jon and Shay have been working with MSPs for a long time—long enough to know that the most critical piece of a successful IT Services company is creating maximum value for clients. That feeds into recurring revenue, an MSP’s absolute best friend. Shay and Jon share stories of how they assessed their own revenue and drew insights to move their business forward. Tune in to discover how to make your company’s cashflow more efficient!

Recast: Why Relationships Matter More Than You Think with Kenny Taylor

Kenny Taylor is the Manager of Systems Engineering at Cisco. He shares with Jon his secret to leading a successful sales team, dropping some serious gems along the way. At the heart of everything: strong relationships that never stop growing. He gives some advice for managers out there looking to better improve their connections with their existing business. Tune in for some great tips!

Episode 15: How to Empower Your IT Presales Team to be Their Best with Steven Madick

SEs (or whatever you call your presales team members) are a key piece of your business. That’s a no-brainer. They’re also a significant investment and as such, they require a ton of support and direction in order to perform at their best. Steven Madick joins us to talk about the fundamentals of presales and how leaders can enable this very critical team to go out and serve clients best. Check it out!

Episode 14: Tapping into the Value of Managed Services with Nicko Roussos

Nicko Roussos is the VP of Cisco Operations and Digital Transformation at TD SYNNEX. He’s been in this game for a while and has helped Jon out with his rise, too. His wealth of knowledge in this industry is so vast, and we’re so excited for him to join the show today to share some of that knowledge with us! This episode covers a lot of really important topics, from selling and serving clients to building a strong MSP. Nicko also gives us his version of our industry’s future—and it’s probably not what you’re expecting! Tune in to hear it all.

Episode 13: How to Scale Up a Services Company with Scott Millwood

Looking to grow a young services company? Take some advice from someone who’s built several services companies to remarkable heights and value. Scott Millwood joins us again on In Scope to share what he’s learned from his decades of experience in scaling companies. There are so many things to get right on this journey—recruitment, client acquisition, internal processes—and they’re all pretty tough. Listen to this episode to get a solid plan in place for your scaling plans.

Episode 12: How to Make Your Sales Process More Efficient with Scott Millwood

The efficiency of your sales process directly affects how your company brings in money, point blank. Although each customer has a different need, there are still plenty of similarities in their purchasing processes. And many of those similarities just add a whole lot of time until they give you the coveted signature. We grabbed Scott Millwood, successful tech salesman, to walk us through the ways sales teams can get their customers closer to agreeing a sale in less time. An efficient sales process means more cash—we can all agree that’s a good goal to aim for.

Episode 11: How to Make Selling Services Easier with Henry Egan

The typical 18-day presales turnaround window is insane, to be frank. There are way too many boxes for the presales team to check off their list before they can actually present a solution to their client. That’s a nearly 3-week process, and it puts a ton of weight on everyone in the process. We brought in Henry Egan, Sales Manager at SHI, to tell us how we can make this process even easier. An easy presales process means less time, which means more money. Find out how you can streamline this process!

Episode 10: The Future of Services from a Leader’s Perspective with Chris Ward

The services industry is not immune from evolution. As we try to provide more and more value for clients while growing our own teams, it means the definition of “services” is always changing. Heck, it’s changed a ton even since 2020 with the rise of packaged offerings and an emphasis on recurring revenue. We had Chris Ward, Vice President at DEft, talk us through what he thinks the future of services looks like. Check it out!

Episode 9: What You’re Getting Wrong About Your Scoping Process with Brook Lee

Efficient and thoughtful processes are critical to success for any MSP. No one knows those processes better than Brook Lee of Eureka Process, who leads MSPs to financial success by flipping them inside out and ironing out their internal structures. She tells Jon the most common mistakes she sees MSPs make in the marketplace. Surprise—the biggest goofs happen during the scoping process. Tune in to hear why.

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