ScopeStack Referral Program

At ScopeStack, we’re lucky to receive most of our business through referrals from happy customers. If you’re excited enough about ScopeStack to spread the word, we’d like to thank you for that. That’s why we’re updating our referral program to give even more back to users who help other solution providers discover how much better scoping can be with ScopeStack. Just fill out the form to learn more.

Make (or Save) Up to $2,500 a Year

When you refer someone to ScopeStack and they sign a contract, you’ll get a $250 gift card or a $250 credit added to your account. If you refer 10 companies, that’s $2,500 for you or your company!

Third-Party Partners

Our referral program applies to third-party partner referrals too.
ScopeStack makes it easy to request services from your third-party partners who use ScopeStack. With Partner Requests, you can map your partner’s language directly into your project and mark up their price without all of the terrible copy/pasting that we are all used to.
If your partners aren’t using ScopeStack yet, you can make (or save) up to $2,5000 a year when you refer them and they sign a contract. You’ll get a $250 gift card or a $250 credit added to your account.

How to Participate in the ScopeStack Referral Program

To participate in the referral program just include in an introductory email to the person or company you’re referring.
Thank you for your support!