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How ScopeStack Helps

Spend 90% less time on SOWs

Spend Less Time on Documentation, More Time on Customers

Using a platform like ScopeStack allows your pre-sales engineers to spend much less time on Word and Excel and much more time in front of customers.

Reduce turnaround time by 90%

Get Documents to Customers Twice as Fast

The early bird gets the worm and ScopeStack helps make sure your team is the first to submit a proposal.

Increase margins by 50%

Improve Accuracy to Increase Profitability

ScopeStack ensures that everyone is using the same language and pricing to avoid over- or under-pricing projects.

Increase effeciency by 80%

Streamline the Presales Process

With ScopeStack, your engineers can complete their work in less time and spend more time winning new business.

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