Scope your IT services
and write the SOW
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ScopeStack combines your pricing and Level of Effort (LoE) data to automatically generate a polished proposal, estimate, or Scope of Work.

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Right now, your scoping workflow is tedious and redundant.

Pre-sales has to invest time and energy with each client to qualify the opportunity and answer discovery questions.

Then, pre-sales needs to compile spreadsheet data into a template, a previous SOW, or a Word doc... and nothing’s standardized.

Every project is different, so it’s hard to figure out who needs to give the approval before sending it to the client.

ScopeStack makes your scoping and proposal process quick, automated, and repeatable.

ScopeStack will replace your costing spreadsheet, LoE spreadsheet, and manual doc creation.


Create and share standardized forms to collect customer info.

Empower your sales team to ask the right discovery questions using pre-built, pre-approved surveys in ScopeStack — so you can skip the meeting.

Automatically send the SOW to the right people for approval.

ScopeStack lets you define Project Approval Workflows with different routing variables, so the appropriate team members get immediate visibility into any pending projects.

Auto-generate a polished SOW without ever leaving ScopeStack.

Stop duplicating work — ScopeStack doesn’t need any additional translation and generates a Word doc with one click.

How ScopeStack Helps

Spend 90% less time on SOWs

Spend Less Time on Documentation, More Time on Customers

Using a platform like ScopeStack allows your pre-sales engineers to spend much less time on Word and Excel and much more time in front of customers.

Reduce turnaround time by 90%

Get Documents to Customers Twice as Fast

The early bird gets the worm and ScopeStack helps make sure your team is the first to submit a proposal.

Increase margins by 50%

Improve Accuracy to Increase Profitability

ScopeStack ensures that everyone is using the same language and pricing to avoid over- or under-pricing projects.

Increase effeciency by 80%

Streamline the Presales Process

With ScopeStack, your engineers can complete their work in less time and spend more time winning new business.

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ScopeStack includes features built specifically to help IT service providers close more services business at a higher margin with less effort and reduced risk. Our flexible solution enables a quick turnaround of services statements of work while ensuring that accuracy and proper approvals are in place.

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Stop duplicating work.

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