ScopeStack integrates easily with your AutoTask CRM and PSA.

By using ScopeStack and AutoTask together, you can finally bridge the gap between the sales team (CRM) and your project team (PSA).
By using our 52 pre-built services in the ScopeStack Service Catalog you can quickly begin scoping and pricing project work better.


The process is easy:
Create an opportunity in AutoTask > Scope your project in ScopeStack > Push the entire work breakdown to a Project Plan automatically in AutoTask.

Before ScopeStack

Your AutoTask projects are not detailed enough, or potentially not even accurate.

After ScopeStack

The ScopeStack project builder allows you to BOTH price and scope your project all at once, plus align how your project team will deliver the project.

Some of the best ITSP’s around use ScopeStack and AutoTask together.


The ScopeStack team understood what we were looking for and had experience with facing similar challenges.

Ryan Hicks CTO – Flagler