What is Services CPQ?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) applications were initially created for configuring, pricing, and quoting products. Unfortunately, those CPQ tools won’t help you scope and price services. For that, you’ll need a services CPQ solution.

Services CPQ software removes the most error-prone parts of the presales process for managed service providers and value-added resellers. That means the spreadsheets, Word templates, and other tools your presales engineers have had to cobble together to scope and price services.

Streamline Presales with CPQ for Services

A services CPQ standardizes the presales process for your engineers so that each project is scoped accurately and priced consistently.

How Does a Services CPQ Work?

Services CPQ software makes the presales process more efficient by offering presales engineers an easily repeatable way to scope and price services. It ensures that everyone is using the same language and pricing and that any deviations are approved before they make it to the client.

The end result is an accurate, automatically generated statement of work.


  • Create configuration in minutes [?]
  • Leverage standard pre-approved tasks[?]
  • Customize for customer-specific requirements


  • Standard pricing rate tables
  • Variable pricing based on thresholds[?]
  • Pricing adjustments for unique customer opportunities


  • Opportunity approval workflow[?]
  • Dynamic statement of work generation
  • CRM and PSA integration[?]

Why Use a Services CPQ Tool?

CPQ tools have been used for materials pricing for many years, but companies are only beginning to realize how this software can transform the IT services industry.

Since the process of scoping and pricing services is so much more complicated than scoping materials, CPQ software is a must-have for MSPs and VARs. But this is also why it took so long for someone to develop one. Bringing CPQ to service providers was more complex and the end product had to be more flexible to meet the needs of large MSPs and VARs.

Services CPQ Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits of CPQ tools for MSPs and VARs:

Give Your Engineers More Time with Customers

ScopeStack users see an average reduction in document management time of about 90%. Using a platform like ScopeStack allows your pre-sales engineers to spend much less time on Word and Excel and much more time in front of customers.

Win More Business

ScopeStack users see an average reduction in turnaround time of about 90%. The early bird gets the worm and by making this process more efficient, you’re more likely to be the first to submit a proposal.

Improve Your Margins

ScopeStack users see an average increase in margins of about 50%. Our platform offers visibility into the scoping process and gives users a common language to ensure that what is promised is the same as what is delivered. If different presales team members are pulling language and pricing from their own documents, there’s a greater chance that someone will over- or under-price a project.

Increase Efficiency

ScopeStack users see an average level of effort reduction of about 80%. We give your presales team a streamlined process to complete their work in less time. That’s because by allowing users to manage the project pipeline on one platform, ScopeStack simplifies the presales process.

That means users can create SOWs with 100% accuracy and zero risks.

ScopeStack is the Only CPQ for IT Services

ScopeStack includes features built specifically to help IT service providers close more services business at a higher margin with less effort and reduced risk. Our flexible solution enables a quick turnaround of services statements of work while ensuring that accuracy and proper approvals are in place.

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