Services CPQ saves lives. Okay, lives might be dramatic, but time, money, and headaches for sure. So maybe the life of your business?

What is CPQ?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) takes the most error-prone parts of the sales process out, the easily mangled spreadsheets you’re thinking of, and creates a guided experience for your sales team. 

The goal of CPQ is simplification and accuracy. 

CPQ tools guide sales professionals through building scopes of work and create guardrails to prevent them from messing up the scoping and pricing process.

CPQ Transforms Services

CPQ has been used for materials pricing for many years, but companies are only beginning to realize how CPQ philosophy can transform the IT services industry. 

Services are more involved than products. Therefore, CPQ services platforms need to be more complex and flexible to meet the needs of organizations. 

CPQ Services do three things for the companies that use them.

Close Deals Faster

First, using services CPQ with a tool like ScopeStack allows your pre-sales engineers to spend much less time on Word and Excel and much more time in front of customers.

How? With a customized efficient workflow for services pricing approval.

Close the Pre- and Post-Sales Gap

Second, ScopeStack and other CPQ Services offer visibility into the scoping process and give users a common language to ensure that what is promised is the same as what is delivered. 

Unify the Scoping Process

Third, a services CPQ superpowers your team by giving them a streamlined process to complete their work. That’s because by allowing users to manage the project pipeline on one platform, ScopeStack and other CPQ services simplify the process. 

That means users can create SOWs with 100% accuracy and zero risks. 

Your Services CPQ

ScopeStack is a Services CPQ built by IT services professionals for IT services professionals. In other words, we were built to be your Services CPQ. 

From task standardization, approval flow, blueprints for standard offerings, and document automation, ScopeStack is the whole package.

The traditional scoping process can leave a lot of gaps. ScopeStack was built to fill those gaps.

How to Reduce Services Risk & Increase Profitability

Is your presales team still scoping services with Excel and Word? There are a number of risks inherent in presales regardless of the software you’re using. but there are a number of pitfalls to avoid when you’re hacking together a CPQ from other tools that weren’t meant to be used that way.

Download our free guide, 5 Ways to Reduce Services Risk
& Increase Profitability, to learn what they are and how to make sure they don’t affect your bottom line.