The right tools can revolutionize how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) deliver IT services. You need to be able to monitor the performance of client devices, automate repetitive tasks to save time and improve your bottom line to help your business scale. 

In this guide, you’ll learn the importance of MSP software, the five best MSP software solutions to enhance managed IT services, and how ScopeStack’s CPQ software and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) pair with MSPs to standardize and automate the scoping process for better client outcomes all around.

What is MSP software?

MSP software is a comprehensive service platform that delivers automation, monitoring, and reporting features to help Managed Service Providers deliver efficient IT services.  

MSP software helps IT service providers:

  • Monitor and manage devices: Keep an eye on network performance, server health, and software updates across your client base. 
  • Automate repetitive tasks: Automate patching and reporting so teams have more time to work on strategy or other tasks.
  • Streamline client support: Simplify processes like ticketing. 

The importance of MSP software

Why should you select software that is specifically designed for MSPs? MSP software has been developed to meet your unique IT needs, offering features and benefits like:

  • Tailored functionality: MSP-specific software is designed with the unique needs and workflows of service providers in mind. It offers features and functionalities — for example, automation or RMM — geared toward managing multiple clients and diverse IT environments.
  • Efficiency: Software crafted for MSPs often includes built-in automation features tailored to the tasks and workflows common among managed services. This allows you to automate routine tasks more effectively, reducing manual intervention and increasing overall operational efficiency.
  • Scalability: Generic software may not be equipped to handle the scalability demands of MSPs. But MSP-focused software is built to grow with the business.

What to look for in MSP software

Features of MSP software should make your work simpler, smarter, and safer to reap the full benefits of the MSP software solution. As you research the best software for MSP, consider features like:

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

RMM allows proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and management of clients’ IT infrastructure. 


MSPs deal with repetitive processes like patch management and routine maintenance tasks. Automation ensures efficiency, freeing up time for more strategic, value-added activities.


Integrations are essential for MSPs working with diverse toolsets and platforms. Seamless integration enables data sharing between different systems, enhancing overall workflow efficiency and allowing MSPs to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to clients.


The software should offer advanced security features to safeguard client data and infrastructure. For example, robust threat detection, encryption, and compliance features ensure MSPs can provide a secure environment for their clients.

Reporting and analytics

Robust reporting features give valuable insights into client environments while tracking team performance. 

Customer support

Choose software with reliable customer support to guide you through any challenges. See if support is available after-hours or 24/7. You may be able to access priority support depending on tiered pricing packages.


Any solution you choose must accommodate the growth of the MSP’s client base and services without getting bogged down. It should also be able to seamlessly scale to handle increased workloads, additional clients, and a growing number of managed services. 

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Many software for MSP configure pricing based on a custom quote. You’ll also notice that MSP software often uses a pay-per-device model. Others charge per technician or even offer special pricing for MSPs. As you investigate your options, consider whether the costs are reasonable when stacked against the features offered.

5 best MSP software solutions for managed IT services

1. ConnectWise

Best for MSPs of any size

  • Features: Asset/device management, customer contract management, invoice and collection automation, proactive monitoring and resolving issues, simplifying quotes and proposals, cybersecurity management 
  • Pricing: Free trial; custom quote

ConnectWise is a scalable MSP solution that provides features for automation and efficient management. This software helps MSPs streamline processes, offer top-notch managed IT solutions and services, and confidently run a profitable MSP business. You can tailor its services and features to meet your specific business needs.

ScopeStack offers a ConnectWise integration that helps you bridge the gap between your sales and project teams. You can use these two solutions together to scope and price more efficiently. For example, after creating an opportunity in the ConnectWise CRM, you can scope your project in ScopeStack and automatically push the entire work breakdown to a Project Plan in ConnectWise.

Learn more about ScopeStack’s integration with ConnectWise

2. NinjaOne

Best for emerging, expanding, or enterprise MSPs

  • Features: Monitoring and alerting, secure remote access, patch management, endpoint task automation, auto-remediation, form-based script deployment, software management, flexible device reporting, and unlimited scalability
  • Pricing: Free trial, pay-per-device, custom quote

By providing a centralized IT solution, NinjaOne helps IT and MSP teams manage, patch, and support all endpoints. With easy configuration, a quick setup, and constant innovation for new features, NinjaOne brings automation, efficiency, and scalability. Users also appreciate the software’s unlimited training and help resources. 

3. Atera

Best for emerging MSPs or those transitioning from in-house IT to managed services

  • Features: Easy setup, a quick learning curve, Atera monitoring agents, patch management, network discovery, helpdesk, billing and reporting, remote access, IT automation, mobile app
  • Pricing: Free 30-day trial, pricing starts at $99/technician/month (billed annually)

Atera provides an all-in-one Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform ideal for MSPs. This single-code-based, single-data-based RMM solution uses automation to help you support more customers in less time.

4. Pulseway

Best for MSPs focused on proactive IT management and remote support

  • Features: Mobile first, smart support, device monitoring, patch management, remote control, anti-virus, integrated ticketing
  • Pricing: Free trial, pricing starts at $27/month (based on a three-year contract) for at least 20 endpoints/devices, required onboarding session costs $160=

Pulseway’s RMM software helps you reduce downtime and achieve efficiency through automation. The intuitive, all-in-one MSP software increases productivity and customer satisfaction. You can access valuable features like device management, backup and disaster recovery, and ransomware detection. 

5. Addigy

Best for MSPs with significant Apple device clientele and Mac technology

  • Features: Multi-tenant in a single view, real-time device management, zero-touch deployment, instant remote access, always-on compliance, patch management, monitoring and auto-remediation, software deployment, device security
  • Pricing: Free trial, pricing starts at $6/Mac/month, special pricing for MSPs, custom quote

Addigy is a unique, modernized RMM solution built for Apple devices. This software aims to elevate the Apple IT ecosystem by providing the industry’s first full-stack, cloud-based management platform. MSPs and internal IT teams can use Addigy to manage Apple devices with the familiar features you’d use for Windows machines. 

Amplify your chosen MSP software with ScopeStack

ScopeStack pairs well with industry-leading MSP software solutions to enhance the overall service delivery process for MSPs, providing a streamlined, efficient workflow. Our unparalleled Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tools, which help you break out a statement of work into tasks and subtasks, offer an overarching plan for any project to ensure seamless integration with your chosen platform’s specific features. And our CPQ software helps you standardize and automate the scoping process for consistent and accurate pricing.

Pair our CPQ software and scope of work templates with your MSP software to scale your business by increasing efficiency, improving client outcomes, and driving revenue. Contact us to learn how you can get started with ScopeStack.

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